Cox's Bazaar safe for tourists after army drive

Cox's Bazaar safe for tourists
after army drive

[Inqilab, Dhaka] Unprecedented security measures have been taken at the tourist areas of Cox's Bazar after the start of the Operation Clean Heart. Incidents of
harassing tourists, piracy or smuggling have been unheard of since the start
of the army drive. As a result of the army led anti-terrorism drive the face of the town has changed much like the rest of the country. Fights over shrimp farms, road robbery, extortion and terrorist activities have stopped since the army took to the streets. Even though the inflow of tourists at the start of winter this year is lower than usual because of Ramzan, hotel owners expect a large number of tourists right after eid. They have been encouraged by the large number of bookings and good security measure in town. Terrorism in the town was lower in the past year than other years but it has gone down even further after the start of the army drive. Security at the beaches has been unprecedented. A police watch tower has been set up at the beach. Touts have disappeared. Vendors at the beach have been provided with ID cards to increase security.

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